WORD FROM THE WILD: The Latest News From The Park

Written by Lorah, Education and Activities Officer at Cotswold Wildlife Park

November 2023

There’s an exciting update in the Reptile House this month as Reptile Keeper Meg has carefully designed a new exhibit for our Dyeing Dart Frogs, which they will be sharing with a Jamaican Anole lizard.

Dyeing Dart Frogs

Dyeing Dart Frogs take their name from the toxic secretions in their skin, which is still used by Amazon tribes to tip arrows and darts when hunting prey. The toxins accumulate because of the wide variety of invertebrates eaten in the wild.

Dyeing Dart Frogs

Ensure you pay a visit to the Reptile House on your next visit to see how the Dyeing Dart Frogs are getting on in their new home.

Coppery Titi MonkeysCoppery Titi Monkeys
Some joyous news on the Primate section as the Coppery Titi Monkeys have recently welcomed a new baby to the fold! The little one is gaining confidence all the time and has now started to climb off mum to feed on fruit and explore. You can see the Coppery Titi Monkey family opposite the entrance to our Madagascar walkthrough, be sure to try and spot the new arrival on your next visit!

The Pallas’s Cat enclosure You may notice a few developments if you visit us over the winter period, one very noticeable change is the Pallas’s Cat enclosure. They are currently being housed off-show whilst their enclosure gets completely rebuilt to provide them with a new and improved space.
Construction work going on near the Play Park

In the meantime, you might see construction work going on near the Play Park where their old enclosure used to be, and there will be updates on our social media pages as their new space reaches completion.


We’re thrilled to have been voted the Best Animal Attraction in the Red Kite Days Oxfordshire Awards 2023!
We're thrilled to have been voted the Best Animal Attraction in the Red Kite Days Oxfordshire Awards 2023!

The Red Kite Days Awards recognise and celebrate local businesses, groups and places to visit with a family focus. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our visitors for taking the time to nominate and vote for us.

Reggie Heyworth, Managing Director of Cotswold Wildlife Park said:

“Winning the award for Best Animal Attraction is such great news for us. Red Kite Days Awards really mean something, because they are nominated by local people and thousands of people take part in voting, so it’s a real thumbs-up to all the staff here to know that all their hard work is appreciated and enjoyed by our local audience”.


Please could we remind you that the Park is open daily from 10:00am until 4:00pm or DUSK (whichever is earlier), with last admission to the Park at 3:00pm. Please check our website or social media for the latest visitor information ahead of your visit – Thank you.

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens