Web Cams

Keep an eye on some of the animals at the park from the comfort of your own home!

Live webcams give you your very own window onto the Park. Watch as our lively Humboldt Penguins go about their day, see our Meerkats as they play and take turns at sentry duty and watch the shenanigans that our different lemur species get up to.

Meerkat Web Cam

Live Meerkat Cam

Live from the Park our very own cheeky Meerkats! Watch them play, feed and bask in the sun...

Penguin Web Cam

Live Penguin Cam

Watch the Penguins swimming and having fun, you might even catch them being fed...

Ring-tailed Lemur

Live Lemur Cam

Peek at the antics of our different lemur species as they leap, play, feed and groom in the beautiful ‘Madagascar’ exhibit...

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens