Animals & Gardens

The Park is divided into four sections each with its own team of keepers to care for the animals in those areas.

Set in over 160 acres of beautiful parklands the Park has an amazingly diverse collection of species many of which are endangered in the wild. Our dedicated and caring Keepers are passionate about the animals in their care and the opportunity to share their knowledge with the public.

Our beautiful gardens are carefully tended by our creative team of gardeners who make every corner of the Park a joy to visit.

Come and visit and enjoy the Park with us!

Bali Starling


We have over 130 different species of feathered friends at the Park, come and watch the Penguins being fed and much more...



Our collection of mammals is second to none and you’re sure to find something new to marvel at...

Primates & Small Mammals

Take a walk through our amazing Madagascar exhibit before meeting our other exciting primate species...



Glorious landscapes and amazing planting, our Gardens are a real feast for the eyes and a treat for your senses...

Reptiles & Amphibians

Green Anaconda and Caiman are just a few of the creatures in our Reptile House, take a look if you’re brave!...

Web Cams

Live webcams direct from your favourite animals at the Park, don’t miss the cheeky Meerkats!...

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens