WORD FROM THE WILD: The Latest News From The Park

Written by Joe, Education and Activities Officer at Cotswold Wildlife Park

March 2024

Another new birth! On the 17th of February, a male Kirk’s Dik-dik was born whom the keepers have affectionately named Walnut. Dik-diks are small antelopes native to eastern Africa, known for their trumpet like “zik zik” call that gives them their name. You can see young Walnut and family in the outdoor area of Little Africa.

A Kirk’s Dik-dik was born whom the keepers have affectionately named Walnut

Humboldt Penguins Spring is well and truly on its way in the Walled Garden. The Humboldt Penguins and Masked Plovers have started nesting, and both species have begun to lay eggs. Humboldt Penguins come from the coastal seas of Peru and Chile and are monogamous – they mate for life. The male and female penguin will take turns to incubate their eggs, which will hatch after 40 days.

You can see public keeper talks about the Penguins at their enclosure at 11.00 am and 3.00 pm daily.

The Masked Plover, also known as the Masked Lapwing, is endemic to Australia. A member of the wading bird family, the Plover has a sharp, yellow spur on the wrist of each wing to help protect it. They can be very protective of their nests which the Plovers make on the ground, and will attack predators or perceived threats with their spurs. Keepers have to be very careful around these diligent defenders during nesting season.

Mexican Leaf-cutter Ants New DisplayOn the Reptiles section we have a new Leaf-cutter Ant colony. The Atta Mexicana (Mexican Leaf-cutter Ants) have settled quickly and are already very exploratory whilst searching for greenery to take back to the nest.

Mexican Leaf-cutter Ants New Display

Did you know? In Mexico, Leaf-cutter Ants are a delicacy used in a variety of dishes such as salsa de chicatanas: ant salsa!

Extra Extra

Construction of a new anteater house in the Walkthrough is well underway.Construction of a new anteater house in the Walkthrough is well underway.

One of our (not so) little Rhino calves has left the Park for Parc Zoologique de Paris. D’Ora was born to Monty and Nancy in July 2020 and will now be a part of a new crash in France!

The Gardeners are feeling the spring air as many trees and plants have started blooming, including their wonderful Magnolia trees and Tulips.

Wonderful PInkTulipsWonderful Orange Tulips

We are now open until 6.00 pm with last entry at 4.00 pm as of Easter Sunday, 31st March.

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens