WORD FROM THE WILD: The Latest News From The Park

Written by Joe, Education and Activities Officer at Cotswold Wildlife Park

February 2024

Pallas’s Cat Paradise! Our breeding pair of Pallas’s Cats have now moved into their new enclosure, thanks to our keepers, maintenance, and grounds teams and everyone else involved with the project.

Keepers, maintenance, and grounds team developing the Pallas’s Cats new home
Pallas’s Cat
Carnivore Keeper James said: “It has been great to see our new Pallas’s Cat enclosure taking shape and now, after 4 months, it’s finally finished! The new enclosure is much bigger than the previous area and we have been able to include many large logs and rocks as well as many different plants into the new space which I am sure over time the cats will enjoy climbing, resting and hiding amongst. The enclosure still consists of two separate areas as Pallas’s Cats are considered mainly solitary so it is important to have that option for our pair, particularly if we are fortunate in breeding again. Our male Tull has been the most confident of the two and has already been seen exploring all areas of the enclosure, in particular resting in his new high nestbox early in the morning watching the goings-on as keepers arrive to work.”

African Pygmy Goat kid

In the last few weeks, the Park has welcomed some new additions! We have had eight Guinea Pig pups and six African Pygmy Goat kids born that can be seen in the Children’s Farm Barn, exploring and growing rapidly.

Guinea Pigs and Goats are precocial animals. This means that they are born with all of their hair and senses and can move around freely but will still rely on their mother for feeding.

Guinea Pig pups

The group of Mexican Leaf Frogs that were previously in our Amphibian Room have now moved into their spacious new home in the Insect House. The new group consists of 1 female and 5 males. Unlike many frog species, Mexican Leaf Frogs are more suited to dry climates, living in arid tropical and subtropical forests.

Mexican Leaf Frogs Mexican Leaf Frogs

Did You Know? Back in 2012, adventurer, writer and presenter Bear Grylls officially opened the then newly revamped Insect and Invertebrates House at Cotswold Wildlife Park.


Another personal note this month, as I have now taken over blogging duties from Lorah who is now on maternity leave. Congratulations to Lorah and her husband Richard on the birth of their first child, a baby girl!

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