Primary – Key Stage 1 & 2

This is the perfect age to inspire children to a life-long love of animals.

All of our talks are tailored to the appropriate level and offer the ideal insight into the animal world.

  • Join a keeper as they take you round their section and talk about the things that all animals need in order to live a long and healthy life in our Caring for Animals session. If you would like a more general talk then we can also offer the chance to find out about a Day in the Life of a Keeper.
  • Meet rhinos, zebra, giraffes and lions in this exciting exploration of the Animals of the African Savannah.
  • Take a trip into the rainforest, meet squirrel monkeys, sloths and fruit bats, learn about some of the amazing plants that you find there and explore the importance of this biome in our Rainforests of the World talk.
  • Animal Senses/Nocturnal Animals No need to wait until night-time! We take a look at some of the animals at the Park with extraordinary senses. From super vision through to echo-location, this talk can tie in with either a senses topic or the Nocturnal animal KS1 SATS writing topic.
  • Struggling to explain classification to your class in simple terms? Let us take the strain with our Fur, Feather and Scales session. We visit animals from each of the main vertebrate groups and talk about what makes them unique.
  • From the poles to the desert, rainforests to rivers; we take a look at different habitats and how animals are adapted to a life there in our Habitats & Adaptations talks.
  • Lead by our Gardens team; explore the amazing World of Plants in this talk that takes a look at the fascinating variety of plants found around the world and how we and other animals interact with them.
  • Come face to face with a selection of Reptiles in this exciting hands-on session.
  • Explore the problems facing animals in the wild and find out more about what the Cotswold Wildlife Park is doing to help in our Conservation talk.

Although this is a selection of our most popular talks, if you are studying something in particular at school then drop us a line and we will see if we can offer a talk to supplement your learning.

“Please pass our thanks to the keepers who led our talks which were informative and perfectly pitched at the children’s level. They also answered the children’s questions brilliantly. Thanks also for addressing our request of a focus on food chains.”
“We had a brilliant day of learning and I would certainly recommend the Wildlife Park to other schools and am sure that we will return again.”
St Mary’s CE Primary 2015 – Years 3 & 4. Habitats & Adaptations talk.

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens