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Animal of the Month : June 2016

Asiatic Lions

Lions are familiar to all due to their unmistakeable appearance and their use on everything from the royal seal to the badge on the England football kit. Our pair of Lions are the Asiatic sub-species rather than African, the last remnants of their kind now confined to the Gir Forest of India. Asiatics differ in a few subtle ways from their African relatives – the males have a shorter mane and they tend to live in smaller prides.

Asiatic Lion – Rana

Like all Lions, our male produces an impressive roar that starts slowly before building to its crescendo – a sound familiar to all that live within a certain distance of the Park. Our two Lions – Rana and Khana – are a relatively new pair and we have hopes for breeding in the future. They look innocent enough, lying out in the sun on warm days but don’t be deceived by their laid back appearance: these are dangerous wild animals and the Keepers treat them with great respect!

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens