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Plant of the Month : July 2019

Arid Beds

Arid bed

During early summer our gardens team have the prickly, but exciting task of moving our extensive collection of succulents and cacti in the Arid Beds, adjacent to the Meerkats. They enjoy the sheltered sunny micro-climate of the Walled Garden where some specimens such as the Cereus and Tree Aloes provide impressive height, while others such as Agave and Yucca form large rosettes of sword shaped leaves. Some even produce spectacular displays of flowers. In October they are moved back into the protection of the greenhouse to form a striking winter display.

Arid Bed

Read more about our arid beds in our wonderfully illustrated new book, The Cotswold Wildlife Park – A Celebration of the Gardens by Harriet Rycroft, with Tim Miles, which can be bought in our gift shop or online.

 “I have just been reading your marvellous new book on the gardens at the Park. I love the way these gardens combine respect for the past with a bravura display of confident modernism. You should be rightly proud of your achievements and this new guide can give a beguiling hint of it, but to be honest how cool is it to create somewhere that you know will exceed expectations…much respect and admiration.” Sir Tim Smit KBE, co-founder of the famous Eden Project in Cornwall.

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens